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Flash Gun Adapter Kit for 430 430EX 2 Reflector

Flash Gun Adapter Kit for 430 430EX -2 Reflector Honey Comb Barndoor Softbox Globe-Diffuser Flex-Mount Adapter


Flash Gun Adapter Kit for canon 430 430EX CA-2 Reflector Honey Comb Barndoor Softbox Globe-Diffuser Flex-Mount Adapter


Products Description: 

(For others Flash Gun model, please indicate your flash brand & which following model you want in  order .Thanks)
CA-1: SB800, SB600, SB80DX, FL36,   FL360, Yongnuo YN460, YN465, YN467, YN468, Sunpak PZ42X, Sunpak PF30X, Sunpak  PZ40X, Di466
CA-2: F32X, F36AM, F42AM, SB28, 430EX,   430EXII, Pentax AF360FGZ, Vivitar DF400MZ, Metz 36AF-4N, Metz 40AF-4N, Metz  44AF-4C, Metz 48AF-1, Metz 54AF-1C, Metz 58AF-1, Sunpak 4000AF, Sunpak 888F2,  Leica SF58, Jessops 360AFD
CA-3: F56AM, SB27
CA-4: 580EXII, 580EX, 550EX, SB25, SB26,  Sigma EF500 DG , F58AM, FL500, PE-36S, Sunpak PZ5000A
CA-5: Vivitar 285HV
CA-6: SB900, Sigma EF530 DG , Sigma EF530 DG Super, Di866,  Pentax AF540FGZ
CA-7: Di622, Sunpak 444D, Metz 54MZ-4i


The Portrait kit is the ideal answer For others mobile photographer using these  light weight and portable lighting accessories. Being simple to put together by  using a Flex-Mount on your flashgun. You can easily swap between the Mini  Reflector or the Globe Diffuser in seconds. Each item in the Portrait kit uses a  Flex-Mount which "requires no glue, Velcro or rubber bands" to make a secure fit  on your flashgun.

The Portrait kit has been designed to enhance your creativity both indoors or  outdoors by using your flashguns to give you every opportunity to create  stunning images. When using the Mini Reflector or Softbox in front of your model  this softens the lighting for the most pleasing effects. The Globe Diffuser is  ideal for the group shots for large or Mobile Portrait photographers for  bouncing light in almost all directions to produce a beautiful soft light. The  Barndoor`s, Conical Snoot and Honeycomb can be used as a background light or to  add a fill light into your portraits

The set includes:

+  Beauty Dish Mini Reflector;
+  Globe-Diffuser;
+  Honey Comb;
+  Conical Snoot;
+  Barndoor;
+  Softbox with diffuse caps in 6 colours
+  Flex-Mount Adapter to connect particular parts of the set to the Flash  gun.