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Pay with credit card

How do I pay with my credit card?

  • When placing your order, select to pay with visa and you will be directed to a secure payment page. Then simply follow the on-screen instructions. Enter the required details and click "Pay Order".
  • After you've made your payment, the orders you paid will be transferred from "awaiting payment" list to "Active orders" list.

I have paid my order successfully, why the payment is rejected later by the platform? How can I solve this?

  • All the payment on will be checked by our Safety Center. We will reject the payment request according to our risk control principals; it's probably relevant to your payment record and purchasing behavior on our platform. If you do running into this kind of situation, we strongly suggest you try other pay methods such as PayPal or west union. If you still want to pay it via visa, please contact our service team for help. (

Why my order is cancelled by the platform, and where is my money?

  • All the orders on will be checked by our Safety Center. If some orders cannot be confirmed, the payment will be sent back to the buyer's account. As it is international transaction, so generally, it will cost 3-15 business days. Our local bank completes the refund within 1 business day. As for when you can receive the refund, it depends on your bank. So please contact your bank first to confirm with the refund if you have any problems.
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